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What do I get for this price?

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posted this on May 31, 2013, 3:42 PM

Here’s what you receive as a new John Jubilee Transformer:
1. 88-Day Transformation Guide
2. 88-Days of Unlimited Support
You are welcome to email with any questions you have.
3. Certified Transformation Director™
You are assigned a personal CTD who will be training and supporting you by phone, email and text in order to help keep you on track and progressing forward.
4. Jubilee Transformation Hotline available 60 hours per week (888.463.8806)
5. Transformation Training and Motivation
• Email Training
• Video Training
• Audio Motivation
• Text Messages (if you are able to receive them)
We have developed the world’s most comprehensive and successful optimal health and wellness program available today. No restrictive diets, no painful exercise, no need to go to gyms (unless you choose to).

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