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How much does it cost?

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posted this on May 31, 2013, 3:46 PM

Please call us today as there are different options for transformation modules but before you do please read carefully the questions below.

How much does it cost to be in “ok” shape each year? Please be honest. Be brutally honest. Really think about your answers...
1. What do I spend on medical bills?
2. What do I spend on doctor visits?
3. What would I potentially spend on one serious health problem?
4. How much would my insurance drop if I were super ultra preferred (this is my personal category, I save 50%)?
5. How much would just 3 weeks of hospitalization and time off cost me?
6. What do I spend on consuming unhealthy drinks and foods?
7. What is the value of lost time with loved ones, due to low energy?
8. What is the cost of low self-esteem and well being?
9. What is the cost of a lessened sex life and being less attractive?
10. What do I spend yearly on self-help books and products?
On the other side of the coin...
1. What are the payoffs of being in “excellent” shape?
2. What is the value of increased time, energy, vitality, motivation, attractiveness, and well being?
The answer…IT’S PRICELESS!
The John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ is 100% guaranteed to work. YOUR SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED! This powerful program has never failed one man or woman of any size, shape or age - as long as they followed the program 100%. Not one! You will lose fat, gain muscle, and achieve your body’s unique genetic blue print, the real you that God has intended you to be.
This investment will multiply itself back to you in every way possible. You’ll get physical health, increased productivity, enhanced joy, improved energy, and the vitality to abundantly love and enjoy your life. Honor yourself with the real you looking back at you in that mirror every day.


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